Amazon cognito service

Amazon cognito service provides authentication ,authorization and user management services for mobile and web-apps.

How cognito works ?

during the signup process we can collect user’s some information like username , email , phone ,password etc. and we don’t need to create separate database because cognito by default manages this data for us and we can access this data at any point of time using sdks.

cognito supports both type of authentication for us

  1. The traditional authentication by getting user’s information like username and password combination .

Main components of amazon cognito-:

  1. user pool

1.user pool-:

A user pool is a user directory in Amazon Cognito. With a user pool, users can sign in to our web or mobile app through Amazon Cognito. … Whether users sign in directly or through a third party, all members of the user pool have a directory profile that we can access through a Software Development Kit (SDK).

features of user pool-:

  • Sign-up and sign-in services.

Example-: (admin and subscriber for a blogging website)

  • email , phone verification.

2.Identity pool-:

amazon Cognito identity pools provide temporary AWS credentials for users who are guests (unauthenticated) and for users who have been authenticated and received a token.

We can use an identity pool when we need to:

identity pool does not provide signup ,it provides login only so we we need to use user pool for signup then allow login in idencity pool to the users.

we can also use social login for identity pool .